Silver Sevens Hotel and Casino

Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino


In 2013, Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino renamed itself after a large renovation project. Prior to being Silver Sevens, it was known as Terrible’s Casino, which was a widely-known brand throughout Las Vegas’ local community. During its time, Terrible’s Casino maintained the reputation as the “locals’ choice,” which ironically appealed to both locals and non-locals.

However, during the transition from Terrible’s to Silver Sevens, the property suffered significantly due to insignificant attention toward establishing its new brand. As a result of its dysfunctional new brand, Silver Sevens’ gaming revenues dropped considerably as its longtime customers defected. Upon being hired in early 2015, Gremillion & Pou was immediately assigned to rebrand Silver Sevens to recapture its “locals’ choice” reputation.


First, G&P worked on identifying a USP (unique selling proposition or differentiation) that not only tipped its hat back to the Terrible’s days of yesterday but was also authentic to the Silver Sevens of today. To the core, Silver Sevens was a classic locals’ casino. It was a few blocks off the Strip, and you could easily park less than 50 feet from the front door. It was also frequently-populated by service employees after work: the telltale sign of a true locals’ casino.

Secondly, G&P needed to reposition Silver Sevens to truly support the USP, not just through advertising but also through its promotions and daily operations. An example of USP changes include Silver Sevens adding mid-week, nighttime entertainment and food specials to attract after-work service employees.

Finally, Silver Sevens entered the marketplace with the “Play Local” advertising campaign. It not only introduced the new positioning statement, but it also included a new advertising look across all media, direct marketing and property signage.


Since its launch in August 2015, Silver Sevens has stabilized its rapid decline. The new campaign’s “whimsical attitude” has re-engaged the local defectors and attracts non-locals via the property’s improved aesthetics and promotional strategy, which increased its new member sign-ups. The most positive result with the refocused brand is that the average win per customer has increased year-over-year. Based on the results to date, Silver Sevens expects to continue the same campaign through 2016.

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