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Brookshire’s Grocery Company reached a point in their growth where they felt there were benefits to be gained from outsourcing their advertising needs. After an extensive RFP process, the company chose Gremillion & Pou to handle all aspects of their advertising and to find efficiencies and innovations for their marketing. Their brands include Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods and FRESH.


To better prepare for the challenge, G&P selectively hired a number of key people who formerly worked in the BGC advertising department and set up a full-time office in their corporate town of Tyler, Texas.

G&P first went to work in a transition period mapping all processes of the complex work flow. Key among the voluminous number of responsibilities was the “ad circular” for two of BGC’s brands: Brookshire’s and Super 1 Foods. Two million ad circulars are sent weekly with as many as 80 different variations for Brookshire’s alone.

After mapping the processes, we began to implement efficiencies both in the order in which tasks were performed and later with the smart use of software to automate and reduce labor and costs associated with the ad circulars. In fact, G&P was able to improve ad design quality and provide an even greater number of versions with the same number of people, because the designers were freed from performing unnecessary and redundant work.

The ad circulars were only one area of responsibility. G&P also began strategically planning media on an annual basis to better achieve BGC’s goals and account for seasonal campaigns.

In addition to brand campaigns, there are more than 20 seasonal campaigns. G&P designs and produces all advertising materials for Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods and FRESH, which includes all in-store signage, print, outdoor, television, radio, digital assets and of course, the ad circulars for print and digital distribution. “Celebrate Cooking” is an elaborate, 32-page cooking magazine G&P produces every month including all original food photography with 20+ highly stylized shots and up to 70 total stylized shots each month. The magazine features heavy theming (which we brainstorm) and design work to correspond with monthly seasonality.


After the first two years of G&P handling their advertising, BGC completed a multi-year, company-wide growth and efficiencies plan. They exceeded their goals and three of the five core reasons cited for their success tied back to BGC’s Marketing Department and advertising efforts provided by G&P.

Other Key Results

New efficiencies introduced by G&P to the ad circular in terms of process and automation developed through software saved hundreds of labor hours each month

Efficiencies improved G&P’s responsiveness, design quality and versioning capabilities for the ad circulars

Longer-range planning produced more cohesive campaigns and better media rates for BGC, yielding greater results

Design enhancements and consistencies across customer touchpoints provided greater visual and audio impact instore and in-market

Account service organization over brands and Celebrate Cooking workflow have refined and reduced labor, while improving the product

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